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Outdoor Branding with Boss Branding

South Africa is known for beautiful summer days and businesses are used to taking full advantage of outdoor events to market their brand. There are many types of outdoor branding used at events in South Africa, all designed to catch the attention of potential customers and find a permanent place in their memories.

Outdoor branding comes in the following forms:

  • Gazebos
  • Banners
    • Flying Banners
    • Flags
    • A-Frame Banners
    • Pop Up Banners
  • Table Covers
  • Wall Skins & Parasols
  • Directional Signs
outdoor branding

Types of Outdoor Branding


Gazebos are excellent attention grabbers are a great investment as they can be used over and over to ensure that your brand stands out.


You can never have enough banners at an event. Whether you line the walkway with branded flags or pop-up banners, you can be sure that your brand will be seen.

Table Covers

There is no better way to announce yourself and welcome delegates than a table covered with your brand… and a welcome cocktail perhaps!

Wall Skins & Parasols

Do you want to hike up your ‘likes and love’s’ on your socials? Have a space for your guests/delegates to take photos with an eye catching wall skin or parasol! The more fun you can make it, the bigger the reward. Don’t forget to have a lucky draw for anyone who shares and tags you in the photo.

Directional Signs

Guests/Delegates may not be familiar with the venue. Make sure that you have clear, branded signs that show them where to go.

Outdoor Business Branding Done Right

Niel Cleghorn, Sales Manager of Boss Branding, explained, “There are 3 things to remember when it comes to event outdoor branding in South Africa:

  • Visibility
  • Shade
  • Displays

Make sure that your branding is visible! At Boss Branding, we have experienced staff on hand to make sure that your branded spaces are memorable, no-matter the event.


South Africa’s sun can be brutal and you can be sure to attract a crowd when you offer them shade at an outdoor event. Add a couple of swag bags or drinks and you have the makings of a winner!

Branded Displays

When it comes to outdoor branded displays, you need to make sure that you create an environment that compliments the event and gets your brand noticed at the same time.”

Niel continues, “Don’t forget to make sure that your staff are wearing branded clothing while assisting at your next outdoor event. There should be no doubt in the mind of your guests, whom they can ask for more information about your business. Ever!”

Choosing the Right Outdoor Branding for Different Events in South Africa

When planning your outdoor branding strategy with a top branding company in Cape Town, it’s essential to tailor your approach to fit the specific type of event and its audience. As the best outdoor branding company understands, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some tips to guide you:

Understand Your Audience

Different events attract different crowds. Corporate functions may require more sophisticated branding like elegantly designed pop-up banners and table covers, while public festivals might benefit from more vibrant and eye-catching flags and gazebos.

Event Type and Location

Outdoor advertising companies in South Africa can offer insights into what works best for various locations and events. A beach event might call for branded parasols and gazebos to provide shade, while a trade show could benefit from well-placed directional signs and wall skins.

Visibility and Functionality

Ensure your branding stands out and serves a purpose. For example, branded gazebos not only provide shade but also create a visible landmark. Business branding should always aim to be both attractive and functional.

Consistency is Key

Your outdoor branding elements should be consistent with your overall business branding to reinforce brand recognition. A branding company Cape Town can help ensure that your logos, colors, and messaging are uniform across all materials.

Quality Matters

Investing in high-quality materials ensures your branding withstands the elements and can be reused at multiple events, offering better ROI. The best outdoor branding company will provide durable, high-impact branding solutions that last.

By considering these factors and working with a skilled branding company in Cape Town, you can ensure that your outdoor branding effectively captures the essence of your brand and leaves a lasting impression on event attendees.

Boss Branding – Outdoor Branding Company in South Africa

As your dedicated partner in standout outdoor branding, Boss Branding is here to ensure your brand not only gets noticed but remembered. From vibrant banners and gazebos to custom table covers and directional signs, our team of branding experts in Cape Town is committed to providing top-tier service and quality products that speak volumes of your business.

Trust us to bring your outdoor events to life, making every moment an opportunity to shine. Contact us to find out more.

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